Steamer’s Grillhouse

Seafood Restaurant

Steamer’s began as a dream over 40 years ago, when two brothers wanted to bring a better seafood experience to the quaint town of Los Gatos. Fast forward through a couple of dot com booms and three expansions, Steamer’s Grillhouse is an institution putting out some of the best cuisine focused on fresh ingredients and a commitment to craft.

While you used to come for the drinks and stay for the people watching and views, now it’s all about enjoying a taste of California’s best cuisine in your home.

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Steamers Gillhouse Old Town Los Gatos Seafood Pizza Martinis


Monday & Tuesday
Wednesday & Thursday
11:30am – 8pm (Last Reservation)
Friday & Saturday
11:30am – 8:30pm (Last Reservation)
11:30am – 8pm (Last Reservation)


(408) 395-2722